The Bohemians Queen Tribute - The Band
Rob Comber
Rob Comber: Lead Vocal, Piano, Acoustic Guitar
Christopher Gregory
Christopher Gregory: Custom Built 'Red Special'
Wayne Bourne
Wayne Bourne: Drums, Vocals
Kevin Goodwin
Kevin Goodwin: Fender Bass, Backing Vocals
The band
The Bohemians are:
Rob Comber: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano
Christopher Gregory: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Wayne Bourne: Drums, Backing Vocals
Kevin Goodwin: Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Location: London & Home Counties

The Bohemians, established in 1996, re-enact the glory days of Queen including the Craziness of the 70’s and the Magic of the 80’s proving themselves to be the most dynamic and exciting Queen Tribute Band currently touring.

They have performed all over the UK, Europe and the World at football stadiums, festivals, theatres and other prestigious venues. The Bohemians in their majestic magnificence receive standing ovations in response to their electrifying representation of a Queen Live Concert.

Rob Comber's outrageous stage antics and personality makes him the perfect Freddie. Christopher Gregory's Red Special enables him to get as close as possible to Brian May's inimitable style. Wayne Bourne hammers the tubs like drummer Roger Taylor, and Kevin Goodwin provides that unmistakable Queen backline on bass.

Their high-energy two hour show with full Staging, Lighting, Backdrops and Pyrotechnics has earned them the reputation of being the World’s most exciting Queen Tribute act.

The Bohemians set includes all the piano driven hit singles: Killer Queen; Somebody To Love; Don’t Stop Me Now; You’re My Best Friend; We Are The Champions and the amazing award winning Bohemian Rhapsody. These hits are balanced with the Guitar led anthems; Tie Your Mother Down; Hammer To Fall; One Vision; I Want It All; We Will Rock You and the Acoustic vocal tracks 39 and the unforgettable Love of my Life. The Bohemians ability to recreate Queen live is something truly special.

Media highlights include:

ITV's Queen Mania, Radio 1 & 4 and the Charlotte Church Show and some fun with Al Murray on his Happy Hour Wrap Party with

Brian May and Queen’s backing band in the audience. Playing support to Brian May and The Cross at the Queen Fan Club and Freddie Mercury Birthday Party

Queen Fan Club Convention and Christmas Parties.


2012 looks as though it’s going to be another record year for The Bohemians! For 2012 The Bohemians are planning extensive tours with a 19 Piece Orchestra calling this new show A Spectacular Night of QUEEN. This show is planned to tour all over Europe. Other places booked this year are Malaysia, Turkey and Greece, Cyprus and a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship!


2011 saw a 25 date national tour of the acclaimed Queen Rocks Gospel show with The ACM Gospel Choir, from the BBC’S Last Choir Standing show. 2011 saw a record number of shows for the Bohemians.



January – May 2010 has seen The Bohemians continue touring the UK on a highly successful Theatre tour. In June they played the Rhodes Rock festival in Greece and are now starting a UK summer festival circuit.


2009 saw the Bohemians performing in Russia, Portugal, Switzerland and Holland and embarking on a successful theatre tour of the UK.



By February 2008 The Bohemians had toured Ukraine, India and performed sellout shows in the UK.



The 'Live Rhapsody' DVD was released in Summer 2007. The Bohemians played a record number of shows since forming in 1996 playing many football stadiums,

festivals, theatres and music venues.


In 2006, The Bohemians Queen Tribute travelled over 9,000 miles playing to over 25,000 people; including five show over one weekend, an audience size of over 3,500 at the Hastings Music Festival and professionally filming the 'Party on the Green' show at Ockley in Surrey with an audience size of over 2,000



In 2005 The Bohemians Queen Tribute appeared on ITV's Queen Mania, Radio 1 & 4 and fast becoming one of the worlds leading tribute bands.



Since 2000-2004 The Bohemians Queen Tribute toured the world including; China, Jordan, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium & Ireland 2005



In 1999 The Bohemians Queen Tribute played support to Brian May and The Cross at the Queen Fan Club Freddie Mercury Birthday Party



The Bohemians Queen Tribute headlined 'The 1998 International Queen Fan Club’ Convention, with an estimated attendance of two thousand five hundred

Queen fans.



The Bohemians Queen Tribute played 'The 1997 International Queen Fan Club' Christmas party, where they supported The Cross, (Roger Taylor's ex band.)



The Bohemians Queen Tribute were established in early 1996 Headlining the Shepherds Bush Empire late 1996.

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